Alabama-Texas A&M Highlights Vegas SEC Predictions Week 8

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Saturday Blitz Vegas SEC Predictions Week 8

No. 10 Georgia at Arkansas Razorbacks

Line: Georgia by 3.5

We’ll concede that if Georgia loses this game, then the SEC West is confirmed as the toughest division of all time. This is a game between the worst team in the West and the best team in the East. It’s a terrible look if Georgia loses this game. Without Gurley, the key to making sure that happens is exactly what they did last week. It starts with Nick Chubb on the ground. Let him be the workhorse again. But the other thing Georgia will have to do is play more straight up defense. Arkansas isn’t going to giftwrap them turnovers the way Missouri did. With that in mind, Georgia’s defense has to be physical up front to get this win. And Hutson Mason is going to have to be counted on to make a couple of plays. All of these things will lead to a Dawgs victory.

Arkansas, meanwhile, needs to start by stacking the line on defense and covering short routes. Force Hutson Mason to throw the ball down the field for the offense to get the win because he still has not proven that he can do that so far this season. Nick Chubb can run the football and shoulder the workhorse load, so Arkansas’s key should be to stack the line and take him out of the game. Then, on offense, they simply need to play their game: run the ball all day, and only throw it in the rarest moments. Georgia’s blowout win last week came from their secondary. Arkansas shouldn’t give them that chance. Run the ball, stop the run, and don’t turn it over, and they could get a home win.


The match-ups favor Arkansas in Fayetteville, but we are going to stick with Georgia. We just refuse to believe that the East is that bad, and we trust Mark Richt to rally the team with the Todd Gurley distraction still hanging over them. There is still something about this Georgia team right now, and this no-stars mentality could lead them to the promised land. We’re not betting against them here.

Georgia: 17 Arkansas: 10

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