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Saturday Blitz Week 8 SEC Power Rankings

Kentucky Wildcats at LSU Tigers

Line: LSU by 10

Who would’ve thought that this would be an intriguing game at the beginning than you? Kentucky has turned into a very good football team in Mark Stoops’s second year, and they are one bad call away from being undefeated. This defense is legitimate, and now it gets to be put to test against an LSU offense that appears to have finally found its rhythm. This game hinges on just how good Kentucky’s defense really is. If it is great, then the Wildcats have a chance to win with just enough offense if Patrick Towles doesn’t make too many mistakes.

LSU, meanwhile, needs to stick with what its doing. Leonard Fournette appears to finally be on the verge of breaking out after such a great game last week, and now he needs to step up again. The Tigers will want to run the ball down Kentucky’s throat and use their defense to force Towles into making mistakes. As long as whomever is playing quarterback isn’t atrocious and they can still establish the running game, this should be a win for the Tigers at home.


Kentucky has been on a roll, but LSU has got its offense going. Leonard Fournette has been teasing us all year, leaving us waiting as to when he’ll live up to his hype. It’s about time for him to do that, and he may have gotten started last week. We expect him to keep it up this week, leading the Tigers to victory at home.

LSU: 27 Kentucky: 17