Alabama Finally Shows it Isn’t Pathetic


Texas A&M caught Alabama at the wrong time. The Aggies still don’t have the talent to match up with the Tide when it comes to recruiting. And for the first time in two years the Tide played like they were hungry.

You could understand it. Alabama had gained way too much confidence after winning multiple national titles. The Tide players then managed to have huge heads even after losing to Auburn and Oklahoma.

Finally Ole Miss and Arkansas gave them wake up calls.  They realized that they actually have to play football to win football games. And it showed on Saturday.

T.J. Yeldon and Derrick Henry actually showed up to help the ground game. Blake Sims was incredibly efficient with 268 pass yards and 54 rush yards. He also had 4 total touchdowns and 0 interceptions.

The credit all goes to the Alabama team as a whole. Recruiting rankings alone should have shown how great this team is when it comes to raw talent. But it has been freak plays that have cost this team in the past and cost them a game against Ole Miss.

Those freak plays can  be rendered irrelevant if the raw talent shows up.

In many ways, it’s unfair to Texas A&M. This is a very good team that is getting better by the day, but the Aggies are not set up talent-wise to compete with Alabama. And they certainly aren’t set up to compete with the most talented team in the country when it is hungry to prove that it is still elite.

That’s what the Aggies ran into on Saturday. And it’s not their fault. It’s not Kevin Sumlin’s fault.

It’s our fault in the media. But I would like for us to take credit. Finally, Alabama has decided to play like it is a dominant football team.

It’s had the talent to do that for a while. It came through on Saturday.