West Virginia Proves that Big 12 Can’t Play Defense


Celebrate some good basketball. That’s what we can call Big 12 football. West Virginia proved it on Saturday.

The Baylor Bears were supposed to be a powerhouse. They had found their rhythm. After last week, against a “dominant’ TCU defense, they looked like they were ready to roll over the Big 12.

But then the facts came into play. And the facts are that the Big 12 plays no defense. Seriously, defenses are pathetic in the Big 12. Kansas should be the top dog, since they’re the basketball school.

And basketball is what the Big 12 plays in football.

West Virginia dominated Baylor on Saturday. Why? Because West Virginia has a halfway competent defense. And that was the difference.

For the second straight week, Baylor gave up more than 40 points in a game. But this time they played a defense that wasn’t going to allow that.

And let’s call it what it is: Baylor got away with the worst call of the year to beat TCU with a pathetic pass interference call. TCU should be undefeated. But the refs made sure that wouldn’t be the case.

Still, let’s give credit to West Virginia. Dana Holgorsen has built a team that can compete with anybody in football. Kevin White is a superstar. Clint Trickett is the most accurate quarterback in college football. The West Virginia offensive line is the strongest in the Big 12.

And it might lead them to victory against a lo of teams in one of the softest conferences in football.