Florida State Has a Tainted Win Over Notre Dame


That was a pathetic call. Let’s call it what it is. You can say all day that this is technically the call that was supposed to be made.

But it’s a call that nobody ever makes.

Until Florida State is involved.

Then, we all of a sudden have to play by a technical rule that never should exist. So a defender can jam and hold a receiver within 5 yards, but a receiver can’t set a pick in the same setting? Please.

And it was hardly a pick to begin with.

Let’s call a spade a spade. Notre Dame outplayed Florida State in every way. The Fighting Irish matched them blow for blow all the way until the end.

And Everett Golson, yes, Everett Golson, looked like the far better quarterback than Jameis Winston.

This isn’t to attack Jameis. In fact, his intangibles showed themselves again on Saturday with the accuracy behind some of the throws he made, many of which came in crucial moments.

But Golson simply played better. With 313 passing yards and more than 30 rushing yards and 3 passing touchdowns, how in the heck can we knock anything about him?

In fact, the Irish in general had more total yards and the same amount of turnovers, so how they lost the game is a mystery. And at the end of the game they had the win.

Florida State’s defense did not stiffen. Notre Dame’s offense got a call against them that is never made.

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I understand the argument that it was the right call. Technically, it is. But the problem is it’s a call that is hardly ever made.

So why should it all of a sudden be made to keep Florida State’s national title hopes alive? This was a great game, and both teams’ quarterbacks played incredible.

Unfortunately, that has to be overshadowed by a pathetic call that ruined this game.