Saturday Blitz College Football Playoff Projections Week 8

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1. Mississippi State Bulldogs

Mississippi State is No. 1 for a reason. Right now they have the best resume in college football, and as one of three undefeated Power Five teams left, we are obviously going to keep this team at the top right now based on their wins against LSU, Texas A&M. and Auburn. As the top team, we obviously would have them as the top seed in the playoffs because the schedule is still the toughest for them from here on out. That means if they kept pace, they would knock off another undefeated team, pushing them out of the Playoff, and they would have by far the best resume. So we have them projected as our top seed.

2. Florida State Seminoles

As the No. 2 Ranked team in the country, the Florida State Seminoles remain one of the only three undefeated Power Five teams left as well. And if they kept pace, they would inevitably be one of two by the end of the year because Mississippi State and Ole Miss, the two others, play each other. With a quality win against Notre Dame and two other good wins against Oklahoma State and Clemson, it’s not like the Seminoles won’t have the resume to be an undeserving team of at least the No. 2 seed.

3. Notre Dame Fighting Irish

That’s right. It sounds crazy, but the Irish are still not out of it. With their only loss to Notre Dame and a decent win against Stanford, they have an easy enough schedule the rest of the year with enough potential for good wins that suggests they will be back in the discussion at the end of the year. Right now we have ranked this team higher than everybody else it plays on the schedule, and does anybody really think that an 11-1 Notre Dame team will be left off the list? Of course not. So we have to keep them here for right now.

4. Baylor Bears

Despite losing over the weekend, Baylor remains our highest ranked Big 12 team. If they win out and finish the year 11-1, then only having a loss to West Virginia won’t be enough to put in a No. 2 SEC team over them. The Selection Committee all but appears like it will definitely give priority to conference champions, and as of right now we have the Bears as the Big 12 champions. That should be enough to put them over the top and into the playoff.

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