ACC Power Rankings Week 8: Virginia Tech, N.C. St., Georgia Tech Fall, Florida St. Still No. 1

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Saturday Blitz ACC Power Rankings Week 8

Sorry Orange fans, but we are not giving you credit or bumping your team up at all after beating Wake Forest. We don’t care how big of a win it was. That’s something that should have been expected for this team. Given the way it has looked all year, winning 30-7 is certainly an improvement, but when factoring in the opponent and those other performances, they are still next to last in our power rankings.

The best that can be said after Saturday’s game is that the Orange may have found a halfway decent quarterback in A.J. Long. The running game showed up, but it’s been decent all year. Scott Shafer hopefully realized, though, how much better off his team is throwing without Terrel Hunt doing the passing right now. Stick with good running and efficient passing along with a defense, and this team might, and that’s a big might, improve.

The rest of the schedule looks okay if they are to improve, but not great. Clemson and Duke are likely losses, but N.C. State, Pitt, and Boston College could all be wins. The problem is that Pitt and Boston College are on the road, which makes things tougher.

And for right now, this team doesn’t look good enough to beat anybody but Wake.

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