Big 12 Power Rankings Week 8: Who’s No. 1 Now?

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Saturday Blitz Big 12 Power Rankings Week 8

Go ahead and celebrate Texas Tech fans. You guys got a win against the worst team in the conference in a rock-bottom state over the weekend. And it wasn’t even a blowout. We bumped Kliff Kingsbury’s Red Raiders over the Longhorns because they had a more convincing win, but you could honestly interchange those two teams at this point in the college football season.

Davis Webb has to be better running an air raid offense. He should be able to put up 400 yards instead of 330 yards if that’s going to be the only way the offense moves the ball, and obviously this system sacrifices defense. Even at that sacrifice, the defense is still far too bad. It has allowed 37 points a game and shows no signs of improving. Allowing 21 points at Kansas was bad enough given that pathetic offense. The defense has to improve if this team is going to do anything,

Fortunately for the Red Raiders, they still get Iowa State later in the year, and the game against Texas to determine which team has no shot at a bowl is a home game for the Cyclones. That gives this team a very good chance at 5 wins, and that hard to reach sixth win has to come against TCU, Oklahoma, or Baylor in an upset. At least Oklahoma and Baylor are at home.

So as one of the bottom four Big 12 teams, it may be tough for the Red Raiders to go bowling. But we have them as the best of that bunch, so they have a chance.

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