Big 12 Power Rankings Week 8: Who’s No. 1 Now?

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Saturday Blitz Big 12 Power Rankings Week 8

A bad kicker and a bad quarterback will make your team catch a lot of flack. Yes, I just made that up. But it’s the issue facing the Sooners right now, and with two Big 12 losses along with barely beating, we no longer believe in this team. We put them at No. 4 because they did beat West Virginia, but we’re on the verge of dropping them if this continues.

Trevor Knight simply can’t have the game put in his hands if the Sooners are going to win football games. I know, his numbers were very efficient with 318 yards and 3 touchdowns, but his one interception was a pick six. So even if he plays well, he finds a way to lose. And that was the case on Saturday. Add to that the fact that Oklahoma has a kicker who shrinks under pressure, and this team could be in some trouble.

Fortunately, Iowa State, Texas Tech, and Kansas are still on the schedule. And Oklahoma State is a home game. If the Sooners can run the table in those four games, this could still be a successful season as long as they beat Baylor at home. They’re not out of the Big 12 title race just yet.

But we’re still not sure about this team, which is why we have it below all of the 1-loss Big 12 teams.

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