Big Ten Power Rankings Week 8: Purdue and Maryland Rise, Northwestern Falls

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Saturday Blitz Big Ten Power Rankings Week 8

The Michigan State Spartans may not have deserved to drop this week, but it was the level of competition that made us do it. Indiana is clearly one of the worst teams in the conference now, and the Spartans didn’t really do anything impressive by blowing them out. So for right now, we are dropping them, although it doesn’t mean much.

This is still a very balanced team with a great defense, improving linebackers, and a very balanced offense, as Connor Cook has been able to take on a larger role this year. Tony Lippett has helped that by emerging as a superstar receiver, allowing this to be a more high-powered offense, but the running game is still there with Langford and Hill. This is just a very complete team all around.

The Spartans get Michigan at home this weekend, which is a trap game that they can’t overlook. After that comes a bye and then the ultimate showdown with Ohio State that we have all been waiting for. So they have a chance to leap back into the College Football Playoff despite the early season loss to Oregon.

This team is also far more experienced now, especially at linebacker, than it was at the beginning of the year. So watch out, everybody.

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