Big Ten Power Rankings Week 8: Purdue and Maryland Rise, Northwestern Falls

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Saturday Blitz Big Ten Power Rankings Week 8

The Indiana Hoosiers are all of a sudden not far behind Illinois for the worst team in the conference. For the first five weeks of the year, the team alternated each game, in typical Jekyll and Hyde fashion by giving a good performance and then a bad performance. But now it has given two straight bad performances after blowout losses to Iowa and Michigan State, leading us to believe that this team is more of a bad team.

The Hoosiers are just like Illinois but the opposite at the same time: they have no defense or passing game to speak of, as they rely solely on the rushing attack. Yet despite more than 1,100 yards from Tevin Coleman already on the season, it hasn’t helped the Hoosiers. This team could be in more trouble going forward.

Michigan State is at least out of the way, but they still have to play Ohio State, and Rutgers and Michigan are on the road. Penn State and Purdue at home could be wins, but they have to win one of those other three road games to get to a bowl. That could be extremely tough for KevinWilson’s team to do.

And it’s especially hard for a team we believe is next to worst in the Big Ten.

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