USC-Utah and Arizona State-Washington Highlight Vegas Pac 12 Predictions Week 9

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Saturday Blitz Vegas Pac 12 Predictions Week 9

No. 25 UCLA Bruins at Colorado Buffaloes

Line: UCLA by 14

Don’t take this one too lightly. Despite last week, Colorado is still playing better this year, and UCLA has serious deficiencies. If the Bruins want to avoid a major upset on Saturday, they simply need Brett Hundley to play well. The offensive line is awful, but Colorado is very weak on defense and won’t get any pressure, so Hundley should finally have plenty of time to throw the football. When he has time, he’s deadly and can torch anybody. That’s going to be his responsibility against Colorado.

The Buffaloes need to try to match UCLA’s suspect defense score for score. That’s going to be very hard to do, but their defense simply isn’t physical enough to stop UCLA’s offense unless Hundley simply has a terrible game. Now, if that does happen, this team might have a chance. But it still needs great play from its own quarterback, Sefo Liufau, and it’s star receiver in Nelson Spruce to get that done. If that can’t happen, the Bruins will win in a blowout.


It has been balanced teams or physical teams that have given UCLA trouble this year. Colorado is neither, so the Bruins will win. Hundley will toss a few touchdowns, and the defense won’t be as bad as it was against Cal (which has a bit better of an offense than Colorado). UCLA gets back on track this week.

UCLA: 45 Colorado: 27

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