Chris Fowler Correct in Epic Rant Defending ESPN Against SEC Bias Accusations


Finally, somebody from ESPN spoke up. Finally, somebody brought some logic into this debate. Finally, people might realize that the SEC is not dominant because ESPN loves it. The SEC is dominant because it is dominant.

And ESPN College Gameday’s Chris Fowler finally made that point here.

Fowler hit every point. Of course it is better for the network to have teams from different regions represented in the College Football Playoff. The entire south is going to watch it anyway.

When Alabama played LSU in the national title game, don’t you think it would have been better for ratings if teams from different conferences played? Of course it would have.

And to refresh people’s memories, this so-called “SEC Love” is a new thing. What Fowler, in his rightful rant, conveniently left out, is the amount of disregard of the SEC ESPN used to have.

I didn’t see any “SEC Love” when Auburn was left out of the national title game in 2004 despite being undefeated. The whole College Gameday crew wanted Oklahoma-USC, but I guess SEC haters want to forget that. What about when Peyton Manning lost the Heisman in 1997 and Fowler made a joke about Tennessee fans calling their outcry a “trailer park frenzy.”

Nobody who hates the “SEC Love” seemed to speak out when it was SEC disrespect. But consistently winning the national championship until last year and having the best record of any conference in BCS bowls didn’t lie. ESPN was forced to accept the SEC.

And the result is finally some hard-earned respect.