College Football Playoff Projections Week 9: No Pac 12 or Big Ten Teams in Top 4

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Oct 25, 2014; Lexington, KY, USA; Mississippi State Bulldogs quarterback Dak Prescott (15) passes the ball against the Kentucky Wildcats in the second half at Commonwealth Stadium. Mississippi State defeated Kentucky 45-31. Mandatory Credit: Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

1. Mississippi State Bulldogs

As the current No. 1 team in the country, we have no need to change our top seed from last week. The Mississippi State Bulldogs still have by far the best resume in college football, and with Alabama and Ole Miss still on the slate, their record would only get more impressive if they remained undefeated. Knowing that, there is no way we can keep this team from staying in control of the top spot in our college football playoff race.

2. Florida State Seminoles

As the only other undefeated Power Five team in the country left, Florida State is not far behind Mississippi State as far as great resumes are concerned. But unfortunately the Seminoles don’t have the best schedule going forward, so if both teams remained undefeated until the end of the year, the Bulldogs would be the clear-cut No. 1 seed. But all that matters is getting into the playoff, and the Seminoles have complete control of their own destiny to do that.

3. Notre Dame Fighting Irish

We’ve still ranked got Notre Dame in our Top 6 after a close loss to Florida State, and if they make it to 11-1 with that as the only loss there would be no way to say this team doesn’t belong in the playoff. Honestly, I firmly am against Independents being able to compete in FBS play because it’s good to acknowledge conference champions, but if they are competing, then Notre Dame would definitely belong in. Right now our projections have them winning out, so we’re putting them in.

4. Baylor Bears

Obviously, this makes our selections no different than last week, but the Bears right now have the best resume of any 1-loss team not Independent or from the SEC, and they control their own destiny to win the Big 12. Since our projections have them doing that, they would make it to 11-1 with wins over TCU, Kansas State, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State. That would be more impressive than any 1-loss Pac-12 or Big Ten champion, so for right now we are keeping them in our Top 4.