A Maryland-Penn State Rivalry Already Forming; Terps Refuse to Shake Nittany Lions’ Hands


It looks like Maryland is going to do whatever it takes to get a rivalry started with Penn State. The Terps refused to shake hands with the Nittany Lions at the coin toss before the game. That caused a minor fight to break out, in which the Terps were penalized before the kickoff.

In all honesty, this probably wasn’t a great idea because it just makes Maryland look bad. Whether they win or lose, that will have no bearing on whether or not this becomes a rivalry. And in some ways it makes the Terps and Edsall look as weak as Brady Hoke and Michigan did last week when they planted the stake in the Michigan State Spartans’ field.

Edsall said it himself about James Franklin: Talk is cheap. He needs to live up to his own standard when it comes to that.

But at the same time, that was still exciting to watch. Crazy theatric antics like that are what make college football fun, so let’s not judge this too harshly. The Terps haven’t played to poorly in the Big Ten so far this year, and maybe they were tired of being disrespected.

An “us against the world” mentality can help a lot sometimes. And a Maryland-Penn State rivalry would be great for the sport.