Auburn Tigers Run Out of Luck in Loss to Texas A&M Aggies


For the past two year under Gus Malzahn, the Auburn Tigers had been scraping by in the luckiest ways. Finally, the fortunes changed Saturday.

Auburn, in the midst of a furious comeback to beat a team they were far better than, managed to fumble on two chances for game-winning drives at the end of the game to lose to Texas A&M in very flukey fashion.

The great play of Cameron Artis-Payne, the leadership of Nick Marshall, and the toughness of the defense in the fourth quarter were all nullified.

And we can point to how well Kyle Allen played, how great of a game Kevin Sumlin coached, and how Texas A&M could be back on track.

But it all came down to luck. And for the first time in two years, the luck was on the side of the other team.

And honestly, it’s hard to feel bad for the Tigers.

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Rewind back to just last week, when they had to break Laquon Treadwell’s leg to beat Ole Miss on a fluke play. But let’s also go back to last year.

Remember the uncalled horse-collar tackle on Johnny Manziel to squeak by Texas A&M? Then there was the tipped pass on 4th and long to squeak by Georgia. And we all remember the lucky missed field goal returned for a touchdown to win the game against Alabama.

Ole Miss this year was just more proof of how lucky this team has been. And finally it ran out.

Auburn is likely now out of the national championship picture after this loss, and it is ironically due to serious bad luck. They should have beaten Texas A&M.

Who loses a game because of two botched snaps when they’re driving to win the game both times? At the same time, though, who wins a game off of breaking the leg of a player going in for the touchdown to beat you?

But before we go further, let’s give further credit to Texas A&M.

The Aggies looked like a joke last week against Louisiana-Monroe. But Sumlin was able to regroup this team and lead it to victory against a very good Auburn team with a backup quarterback, further proving that he has got a young, great developing team.

Going forward, Texas A&M has a very bright future, and they have finally proven it. Whether Kenny “Trill” Hill is starting or Kyle Allen, Sumlin has this team in good shape.

The same is obviously true for Malzahn and Auburn, but this team couldn’t be lucky all the time. It finally ran out.