Auburn is out, who is in?


Texas A&M beat Auburn in a 41-38 thriller, effectively ending the Tigers’ playoff hopes.

Two losses is not going to cut it for a playoff team, so the door is open for a new playoff contender. Several teams still have a shot, some more than others.

Let’s start with the favorites.

Mississippi State and Florida State are the clear locks at the moment. Mississippi State still has to get through Alabama and Ole Miss, and Florida State has Florida on the road, but as of now those two are in.

Oregon got past Utah, and now has a clear path to the postseason. With just Colorado and Oklahoma State left on their schedule, Marcus Mariota and the Ducks should cruise to the playoffs.

Then it gets a little hazy.

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Alabama should slide into the top four after this week, and some polls already have them in. But, they would probably have to beat Mississippi State and Auburn to stay in the playoff picture.

Michigan State fought hard against Ohio State, but eventually fell to the Buckeyes. They have three favorable matchups to finish up, but it’s likely over for the Spartans.

This leaves Kansas State and TCU, who faced off on Saturday. TCU prevailed, 41-20, which means they are the frontrunners for the last playoff spot. They still have to go to Texas, but assuming they take care of business, the Horned Frogs should fill the vacancy left by Auburn.