College Football Playoff Top 25 Rankings: Alabama Moves to No. 1


Still making it impossible for us to get a read on their criteria, the College Football Playoff Selection Committee released its batch of Top 25 teams once again. And this time they gave us a shocker.

The Selection Committee jumped Alabama up from No. 5 to No. 1, proving that it has put a good bit of value on strength of schedule given that the Tide have one loss while the Florida State Seminoles are undefeated. In fact, the Seminoles weren’t even No. 2. They came in at No. 3 after another rough game with Miami.

And the next spot for the Selection Committee is what will have college football fans screaming SEC Bias. Mississippi State came in at No. 4.

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So now, we have two SEC teams back in the Top 4 and a one-loss SEC team at No. 1 over Florida State. And that one-loss SEC team jumped Florida State and two other one-loss teams ahead of it, so there will obviously be some anger there.

However, the Selection Committee also had to take the eye test into account because Oregon and Florida State aren’t that far off in strength of schedule for us to say that Oregon should jump them with a loss. That just means the Selection Committee is not impressed with the way Florida State keeps winning.

Perhaps Ohio State is the most excited, though, because they have leapfrogged Baylor into that No. 6 spot. And with a couple of good breaks, including another chance to impress the Committee in a  Big Ten Championship game that the Horned Frogs and Bears won’t get and either Mississippi State or Alabama won’t get, they’ll have another chance to move up.

So with all that excitement, here is what the College Football Playoff Top 25 Rankings look like now:

1. Alabama Crimson

2. Oregon Ducks

3. Florida State Seminoles

4. Mississippi State Bulldogs

5. TCU Horned Frogs

6. Ohio State Buckeyes

7. Baylor Bears

8. Ole Miss Rebels

9. UCLA Bruins

10. Georgia Bulldogs

11. Michigan State Spartans

12. Kansas State Wildcats

13. Arizona State Sun Devils

14. Auburn Tigers

15. Arizona Wildcats

16. Wisconsin Badgers

17. Utah Utes

18. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

19. USC Trojans

20. Missouri Tigers

21. Oklahoma Sooners

22. Clemson Tigers

23. Nebraska Cornhuskers

24. Louisville Cardinals

25. Minnesota Golden Gophers

As it appears, the Selection Committee still has no love for Mid-Major football teams, which is more evidence that it takes schedule strength into account. It also is giving the most respect to Ole Miss, UCLA, and Georgia as 2-loss teams, so they still have a shot to get into the national championship.

Needless to say, with two weeks left and conference championship week, the College Football Playoff race is far from over. Things could dramatically change once again very soon.