College Football Bowl Game Projections Week 13


It’s that time of year, when bowl projections run rampant, and everybody worries about where their team will end up. The College Football Playoff race is wide open with multiple teams fighting to get in, and there is another round of teams in the fight to get the the New Year’s Six. And then there are a plethora of teams that have four or five wins desperately fighting to get bowl eligible.

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Of course, there are far too many teams that make bowl games, and with 38 bowl games, more than half of the college football teams in the country make bowl games. That’s absolutely ridiculous. A 6-6 Conference USA team has no business reaching a bowl game, and we’ll stand by that for as long as we possibly can.

But we understand that there is money involved, so there will be far more teams than deserving making a bowl game at the end of the year. Let’s break down where those teams will end up in this week’s college football bowl game projections.

Regular Bowl Games

The lack of direct bowl tie-ins based on where teams stand in certain conferences made it very tricky to do these projections this year. But it’s easy to put them together based on the regional ties and what will generate the most money.

For instance, we know that South Alabama is bowl eligible, and the Sun Belt has a tie-in with the GoDaddy Bowl in Mobile. Obviously, they are the logical choice to go there.

We did leave a Power Five team that is bowl eligible off of this list- the N.C. State Wolfpack. Sorry, but somebody had to go, and their pathetic resume doesn’t warrant them a bowl game anyway just for getting to 6-6.

Let’s now take a look at the New Year’s Six bowl games.

New Year’s Six Bowl Games

College Football Playoff Match-Ups

We already gave you our reasons for our College Football Playoff projections, which you can see here. But what about the other eight elite teams? Obviously, based on our projections of how teams will finish the season, TCU, Baylor, and Ohio State will all be Top 10 teams. That puts them automatically in the New Year’s Six. We have UCLA winning out but losing the Pac-12 Championship, but that would still be enough to get them to a New Year’s Six game.

Colorado State is the best of the non-Power Five, which gets an automatic bid, and then comes the other at-large positions. Georgia is likely to win out and possibly not win the SEC East, so stuck at 10-2, they’ll be able to sneak in as the third SEC team. With UCLA already in, Arizona wins out in our projections, so they will also move to 10-2, making them the third Pac-12 team.

Michigan State will be the second Big Ten team in by winning out to reach 10-2 based on our projections. Now to the pairings. Georgia is the most logical choice to go to the Peach Bowl, and who better to pair them up with than Michigan State? It’s another SEC vs. Big Ten match-up between two 10-2 teams who were runner-ups in their own divisions.

TCU makes sense for the Cotton Bowl. It’s in Dallas. Colorado State should also go there, being closer to Dallas than any other team still in it outside of Baylor.

And speaking of Bayrlor, they would meet UCLA in an off-putting Orange Bowl match-up resulting from a default scenario.That’s because we would put Ohio State in the Fiesta Bowl since they can’t technically play in the Orange Bowl, and they would meet Arizona, a regionally sense-making team.

What do you think of our match-ups? Which ones would you like to see? What do you disagree with? Give us your comments and opinions below.

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