Kentucky-Louisville Game Begins With Fight Involving Players and Coaches


There’s no love lost between these two teams. As you can see in the video below, the Kentucky-Louisville began with a fight among players at midfield.

Allegedly, Kentucky players were disrespecting the Cardinals by standing on the Louisville midfield logo. But the real story is with this image.

As you can see there, coaches decided to get involved. Once again, Bobby Petrino can’t avoid controversy, as he got into with Kentucky assistant Dan Berezowitz.

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We don’t want to rush to judgment, but it looks like Petrino was blatantly the aggressor. That’s the last thing he should be doing given all the controversy that has surrounded him in his past.

Winning the character game kind of matters for him at this point.

But hey, at least he can show that he’ll stand up for his players. That’s something to be respected. And honestly, if it is true that Kentucky was trying to disrespect Louisville by standing on their midfield logo before the game, that indeed warrants a fight.

So we are not going to jump to any sort of condemnation without the facts. All we can say right now is it was good for entertainment.

And it’s amazing that Petrino wasn’t ejected.