Curses, Tears as UAB Blazers Shut Down Football Program


It was a really sad day for the UAB Blazers. As you can see in reports here, University President Ray Watts met with UAB coaches and players and announced the decision to shut down the football program.

The decision obviously produced a very depressing result, which was evidenced by the players here.

And there was a very angry reaction from fans as well, as you can see on video here.

Somebody has to say it. This is a terrible decision.

The UAB Blazers have a great fan base as a small, mid-major urban football school. It’s time to send a message to schools like UAB all across the country: the football program puts out what you put into it.

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Birmingham is a big enough city that fans could show up for the game and turn a profit for the school, and they could win 8, 9, and 10 games plenty of years. But it would take an investment from the school.

If you don’t think this could happen, take a look at the University of Memphis. It was a terrible football program a few years ago, then they brought in a new coach and invested in the program, and the energy from the fans and the city has shown this year.

Why can’t UAB be that? Heck, UAB is actually going to a bowl game. This is a total cop-out from the Administration because it was never prepared to have the Blazers positioned to get into what is now the American Athletic Conference the way other schools did. This is a school in the Deep South where there is a good talent base, and the local and area talent could make for a very solid mid-major program.

So yes, this is a bad decision, and it’s a sad decision. Hopefully, they’ll at least let the Blazers play in a bowl game at the end of the season.

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