What NCAA Conference Realignment Should Look Like

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Aug 31, 2013; Jonesboro, AR, USA; Sun Belt conference new logo appears on the field during the game between the Arkansas State Red Wolves and the UAPB Golden Lions at ASU Stadium. Arkansas State defeated uAPB 62-11. Mandatory Credit: Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Sun Belt

Just like it is in real life, the Sun Belt would be made up of teams that are left over. As of right now, they would likely have no desire to pick New Mexico State, UAB, Georgia State, or Texas San Antonio if they only had 12 teams to pick from, and Idaho would not be qualified to be in the conference anyway under the new format.

So those are the rejects that become Independent. As a result, you are left with these teams in the South, and fortunately, they are all in states that can be connected.

The only problem is Troy and South Alabama, two state schools that could become a great rivalry, would have to be split divisionally because it only makes sense to split these divisions into an East-West format. Still, the two schools could easily be protected cross-division rivals, and Troy protects its rivalry with Middle Tennessee State this way.

If it was too much of a point of contention, you could slightly ignore the geography and put Middle Tennessee in the West anyway. After all, in a much more important conference, Auburn is in the West despite being East of Vanderbilt. And currently, Missouri is in the SEC East.

Anyway, that could work out either way. The Sun Belt conference as a whole though would still be the worst conference, but this time they could say there are always the independents, as long as you don’t count the Service Academies. This group would not be any worse than it is right now as a conference anyway.

So, no harm done. And yes, we firmly believe these 10 conferences plus independents and our proposed scenario would bring stability to college football.

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