Suggesting New College Football Fight Songs for Every ACC Team

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Sep 7, 2013; Louisville, KY, USA; The Louisville Cardinals marching band performs during the Card March before the game against the Eastern Kentucky Colonels at Papa John

Louisville Cardinals

Jay Z-Dirt off Your Shoulders

The Louisville Cardinals have had a very solid history in football of not listening to outsiders when they pick their coaches, and their coaches are also guys who refuse to listen to outsiders and naysayers. They just run a solid football program without listening to the haters.

So with the rehire of Bobby Petrino, and even transitioning to basketball with the decision to stick with Rick Pitino, who had his own scandals, the Cardinals have built up success by getting that dirt off of their shoulders. And they are feeling like a pimp doing it.

So why not play this song?

The beat is so epic and simple that any marching band could perform it without any trouble whatsoever. And every Louisville fan and player could do the dance, or I guess symbolic gesture, of brushing the dirt off their shoulders every time they score.

Then, when they win, they could do it again. And they could consistently shout out the chant, “Go and brush your shoulders off!” every time something good happens.

And to maybe take a low shot, it is true that the things Petrino and Pitino got in trouble with probably does make them feel like pimps. So they really need to brush their shoulders off.

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