Smartest College Football Coach Firings of the Past 10 Years

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Gene Chizik was fired Sunday by Auburn two seasons after he took the Tigers to the BCS title.(Photo: John David Mercer, USA TODAY Sports)

Gene Chizik – Auburn Tigers, 2012

Record With School: 33-19
Replaced by: Gus Malzahn

It’s hard to believe that firing a coach two years removed from winning a national championship was a smart thing to do, but in the case of Chizik and the Auburn Tigers, it’s hard to argue that it wasn’t.

Chizik came in following the departure of Tommy Tuberville, and showed immediate results, going 8-5 in his first season and leading the Tigers to an Outback Bowl win. Then came the 2010 season, Cam Newton and the national championship. Things were looking pretty bright on the plains.

But it was becoming apparent that Chizik wasn’t the best recruiter, and as Tuberville’s players moved on, the Tigers depth became transparent, and the losses began to pile up. By 2012, the Tigers went winless in SEC play, and posted an overall 3-9 record.

It was obvious that Cbizik was gifted a talented roster, but couldn’t sustain success beyond what he was given.

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