Oregon Ducks Football: QB Vernon Adams Jr. cleared to enroll


The Oregon Ducks received some good news on Monday, as Vernon Adams Jr. was cleared to enroll at the school, ushering in a new era of Duck football.

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On Monday, the Oregon Ducks and their fans were the beneficiaries of positive news. Former Eastern Washington quarterback Vernon Adams Jr. has been admitted to Oregon and can enroll in graduate school classes at the university, per a report from Andrew Greif of The Oregonian.

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However, even though Adams has been admitted, he will not be able to enroll in classes until August 5.

The initial holdup was that he had to complete “two more tests for a math class” and take care of paperwork to finish off his degree in interdisciplinary studies per a report from Greif.

Oregon Ducks head coach Mark Helfrich was confident that things would be resolved, telling reporters that Adams should be able to get on the field by August 10, the first day of practices. “We don’t anticipate any hiccups on the guys that have been mentioned or are signed to letters-of-intent or otherwise,” Helfrich told Greif.

Adams Jr. has been highly regarded around the country and for good reason. He threw for 10,438 yards, 110 touchdowns and 31 interceptions during his time at Eastern Washington as he showed he was a dual-threat quarterback, rushing for 11 touchdowns as well. He was the runner-up for the Walter Payton Award twice, an accolade that is given to the best FCS player in the country.

He is very similar to Marcus Mariota, a player who has the skillset and smarts to thrive in Oregon’s system. The fact that Adams is a dual-threat bodes well for the Ducks as we have seen several quarterbacks thrive in the fast-paced, no-huddle play style that has become a trademark of Oregon teams. In my opinion, he should do very well in the Duck system and be able to find his niche. There may be some minor adjustments that need to be made, but I would not expect anything too earth-shattering.

The clouds have cleared in regards to the status of Vernon Adams Jr.  and  that should give Helfrich and his staff peace of mind.

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