College Football: 10 Top Storylines for 2015 Season

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Jan 9, 2015; Dallas, TX, USA; A view of the 2015 College Football Championship logo outside the Hilton Anatole hotel, home to the Ohio State University football team. Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

College football is rich with stories and tradition. Some are created in an unexpected and fluid moment, others are watched from day one of the season and followed through the year.

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Every season there are stories waiting to happen, and some we never expect. While some knew that Jameis Winston would bring excitement to the Florida State quarterback position, nobody expected the ride he took his teammates and fans on during that 2013 freshman season.

Who will win the Heisman trophy, up and coming teams, new coaches and coaches on the hot seat, conference winners and losers, and of course, the eventual national champion are all stories that are discussed and watch practically from the first day of the offseason.

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If your taste is compelling human interest stories, college football is the place to look, as you’ll find young men who have come from dire and downtrodden circumstances to make good on promises to family and friends. There are also stories of some who fall from grace, both in the coaching and player ranks.

The 2015 season will not be short on great storylines, with some tradition-rich programs making big changes, the SEC under new leadership, some budding young players joining teams, and the second year of the College Football Playoff all having their place in the volumes to come.

Here are ten captivating stories to keep an eye on during this season. Some may explode, and some may never truly unfold as thought.

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