Countdown to College Football Kickoff 2015, Day 28: Championship Record


The 2015 college football kickoff is only 28 days away, which also happens to be the same record number of national championships held by a certain school whose mascot is the Tigers.

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When it comes to national championships in college football, the matter has been decided in more ways than most can count. In fact, there have been 40 different polls, methods and selectors used to crown collegiate football champions since 1869.

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And which school has the most? A school whose mascot is the Tiger.

No, not LSU, Auburn, Missouri or Clemson.

The record number of collegiate football championships, 28 of them, belongs to Princeton.

Yes, that Princeton. Ivy League Princeton. New Jersey Princeton.

Well, it’s only fair that they’d have more titles than anyone being as they kind of invented the sport and all.

Princeton’s first championship came in 1869, when the Ivy League was pretty much the dominant (and only) force in college football, and the Tigers went on to win 22 of the first 40 national titles between 1869 and 1909. The last time they were crowned as top tiger was in 1950, led by Heisman Trophy winner, Dick Kazmaier.

Coming in behind Princeton at number two is Ivy League rival Yale, with 27 championships, followed by Notre Dame (22), Alabama (19) and Oklahoma and USC tied for fifth with 17 each.

While Ivy League football isn’t what it once was – and certainly the boys from Princeton, Harvard, Yale and others are in no position to compete with the Alabamas and Ohio States of the world – the deep-rooted rivalries in that league are still as vibrant and passionate as ever.

I doubt most of the Power-5 schools would want to take on Princeton in lacrosse however.

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