Vanderbilt Commodores unveil new helmets and uniforms (Photos)


After sporting very modest, sharp-looking uniforms for many years, the Vanderbilt Commodores have finally converted to more modern, flashy uniforms that I have grown to hate.

I for one loved Vanderbilt’s old uniforms, which is easy for me to say as a Vanderbilt fan, but their new uniforms, especially their helmets, are just down-right hideous. See the pictures below.


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These are a special sort of awful. If you were to ask me to design the worst Vanderbilt helmet ever, I wouldn’t be able to create something this horrid. Anchors everywhere, a chain going down the middle, and ginormous logos with colors that make no sense at all.

Like who in the right mind would create these?

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I get that Vanderbilt’s trying to do some re-branding under Mason, but completely throwing away the integrity of your football program is nuts. Vanderbilt will be the laughing-stock of the SEC this season in more ways than one.

Although the Commodores’ new helmets are just awful, their new uniforms aren’t that bad, especially now that they finally match their black jerseys they wore last season.

Their gold jerseys are similar. I haven’t found a good picture of them, but you can use your imagination.

All that said, the players seem to love them, and if recruits and players love them, who am I to care? As long as we play good, we could wear brown paper bags, like Wyoming.

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