Florida State Football: Five reasons why Seminoles will win the ACC

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Mandatory Credit: Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

4. Schedule

FSU has the benefit of a relatively easy schedule. It isn’t a secret that the ACC isn’t necessarily the strongest of conferences, and that will help Florida State as they look to remain the kings of the conference.

That isn’t to say that the ACC is terrible, but there is a pretty big drop from the top of the conference to the bottom in terms of talent. Georgia Tech and Clemson are great and FSU has to play at their place, but neither venue has proven to be inhospitable in recent years.

Miami is a notable game, but really only because it’s a rivalry. The ‘Canes are fresh off of losing the last four games of their season, one of which was against the Seminoles. Golden will be fighting for his job all season long, and the Hurricanes will be extra-motivated for that game, but that’s no guarantee that it will mean anything.

If Florida State plays solid football during each game, as opposed to getting down early and striving for miraculous comebacks like last year, then on paper there really aren’t going to be many difficult games for Fisher and company this season, barring Georgia Tech and Clemson.

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