ACC Position Rankings: Top 10 running backs entering 2015

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Can the rest of the running backs in the ACC catch up to reigning ACC Player of the Year James Conner?

The ACC is filled with talent at running backs. Many freshman broke out last season, showing flashes of potential in a limited role. Others were the full-time starters and proved that they have potential to thrive in both the NCAA and NFL — even as an inexperienced freshman.

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Though many running backs will not come near the talent of James Conner, they will fight to become top options in their team’s offense. With players leaving for the draft and/or injuries occurring comes new opportunities for many young players to take over the starting job and become the stronghold for their team’s offense.

The running back position is one of the most important positions in the game. They are used to rush the football whether it be accumulating short yardage in important situations or pushing the offense down the field. However, many of these running backs have learned to become solid blocking half backs, acting as an obstacle for defensive lineman that get by the offensive line. They also are used for ‘dump’ passes, helping escape pressure and gain extra yards.

With many offenses in dire need of a play-maker, most teams will look towards their running back. Some of them remain unproven, but have the potential to shine when given the opportunity. Many teams are struggling to pick a clear-cut No. 1 back while others already have their starter all ready to go Week 1. Whatever the case may be, the running backs on this list are set for big seasons and will have a huge impact on the team’s success in 2015.

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