Boise State Football: Five Must-See Games in 2015

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Nov 22, 2014; Charlottesville, VA, USA; Virginia Cavaliers running back Kevin Parks (25) runs with the American Flag onto the field ahead of his team prior to the Cavaliers

4. Virginia – Sept. 25

Virginia probably isn’t expected to be too solid if a team in 2015, going 5-7 in 2014 and is returning just five players on each side of the ball; but if Virginia fans make their home-field atmosphere difficult, almost anything could happen with an inexperienced opposing quarterback. However, Virginia has enough talent where they could pull off an upset, even if Boise State’s quarterback has a decent game. Virginia has recruited very well recently, but will it pay off this season?

Whether or not Virginia can win this will probably depend on their offense. Boise State’s defense has been opportunistic and can force turnovers easily. If Boise State’s quarterback turns the ball over, a solid Bronco defense can bail him out in this game with some scoring of their own. I think Virginia’s chances of winning increase dramatically if they can just limit their own turnovers.

Boise State faces the Cavaliers after a game against Idaho State, and the Cavaliers face William and Mary before the match-up, which gives the two a nice opportunity to be ready for the game.

Boise State’s chances of winning this game are nice, but not as high as some people think (64.9% according to ESPN’s FPI). Virginia will be looking for a bowl game this year and would be delighted to win this game.

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