How much can Chad Morris improve SMU Mustangs in first season?


The SMU Mustangs always seem to take one step forward and two steps back. Can Chad Morris improve the SMU Mustangs in his first season?

With the exception of a few seasons that June Jones coached the Mustangs, SMU has been in a constant state of rebuilding since they were hit with the death penalty in 1988. Coach Chad Morris is taking over one of the toughest coaching jobs in the country, in SMU. The Mustangs struggled after Jones stepped away from the game last season. SMU finished 1-11 in 2014, and the only direction to go is up for the 2015 season.

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Morris since accepting the head coaching job at SMU, has hit the ground running. Morris has put a focus on recruiting and building the Mustangs from the ground up. As Star-Telegram’s Ryan Osborne pointed out, “that it is no surprise that Morris has gone after Texas recruits.” Morris must lock down players that fit his scheme to turn the Mustangs around.

The positives are in place for the Mustangs to do much better than last season. SMU has an experienced quarterback in the form of Matt Davis.

Davis has a good arm but more importantly he is mobile enough to escape the pocket and create plays with his legs. The Mustangs have running back Prescott Line, who has impressed with his speed and versatility. The offense should be a much improved facet of the team.

SMU’s defense is going to have to improve tremendously for this team to start to defeat people. It does not matter how many points the offense can put up, if the defense is giving up 41 a game. Defensive end Zach wood and defensive tackle Mason Gentry are going to be relied upon to help disrupt the opposing offenses. Getting off the field will be vital for the Mustangs this season.

SMU will improve this season but I would not expect to go bowling this season. Let me hear from you Mustangs’ fans. What are your expectations for the upcoming season?

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