Will ACC champion make College Football Playoff in 2015?


The preseason top 25 only has three ACC teams in it, so will their position too much to overcome by the end of the year?

The Florida State Seminoles, the Clemson Tigers, and the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets are the only teams in the ACC to secure a spot in the AP preseason polls ranking 10th, 12th, and 16th and barring an undefeated season they could get shutout in the Playoff.

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Whether it be Florida State, Clemson, or Georgia Tech, all must win out to even have a chance at the CFB playoffs. Other teams that have a chance in the ACC are Louisville and Miami, but even then they would have to run the table. For Miami especially, that would be difficult given the strength of their schedule, lack of experienced talent on the roster and questionable coaching on the sideline.

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Bobby Petrino will try to pull off the upset against Auburn in the opener but Louisville has to find a way to win a Florida State to go undefeated and that’s and beat Clemson in Week 3.

The biggest factor for any ACC team that goes undefeated is out of their control, winning every game is a minimum, but what will really count is what happens with the other Power 5 conferences. There are three teams from the SEC, and two each from the Big 10, Big 12, and Pac 12 in side the top 10 and their conference champion will likely all be ranked higher than the ACC’s.

It’s going to be a tall order for any ACC team going into the season, as there doesn’t seem to be much respect from voters in regards to the conference, and they’re going to need a lot of help. It should make for an interesting season, but they’ll need two conference champions with two losses and either Florida State or Clemson going undefeated.

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