Notre Dame fan shaves shamrock, team logo into head (Photo)


One Notre Dame fan is so ready for the start to the season that he decided to show some school spirit by shaving a shamrock and “ND” in the back of his head, because football.

College football fans are a special bunch. They’re devoted, incredibly passionate, loyal (most of the time) and fanatical.

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They’ll go to incredible lengths to prove their fandom and prove how much they love their particular team. Take for instance one young man who is so ready for the start of the Notre Dame season to start on Saturday that he decided to get some nice Notre Dame art shaved into his hair.

Check out this picture shared by the SportsCenter twitter account for the visual evidence, because “pics or it didn’t happen.”

Now, this is pretty legit.

First of all, whoever was the barber that did this cut is a skilled artist and one I would like to hire as my personal barber to get my hair and bears looking nice and tight.

Second of all, this dude is dead serious about letting the world know he loves Notre Dame so much that it’s not enough to wear a hat and t-shirt like most folks.

No, that’s simply not enough.

He needed some new head art to prove his fandom and it’s awesome and he should have the attention from all the people in South Bend who want to get to know him. Heck maybe he finds true love in the process from a fellow Notre Dame fan who is smitten with his new cut.

I shave my head, but maybe I should grow it out just so I can get a decal of my favorite team etched into my dome.

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