Will Ferrell leads USC on field vs. Stanford, nearly trampled to death (Video)


Will Ferrell and unofficial No. 1 fan for the USC Trojans led them on to the field in their game against Stanford on Saturday night and nearly got trampled to death.

Ron Burgundy, I mean, Ricky Bobby, I mean Frank the Tank, okay, I really mean Will Ferrell was on hand for the USC-Stanford game to see his alma mater take on the rival Cardinal.

He wasn’t just there to take in the Pac-12 showdown as a fan. He was there to lead the Trojans out onto the field.

And when he did it, I was fearful for his life because it resembled that scene from Jurassic Park where the Dilophosaurus’ are running in the open field and the two kids and Sam Neill had to run for their safety and hide under the knocked down tree to avoid certain death.

Don’t believe me? Just watch this video courtesy of McKenna Keil.

USC and Stanford are in the second quarter with USC up 14-7 at the time of publishing with Cody Kessler throwing for a touchdown and Tre Madden running for a score. Meanwhile, Kevin Hogan has been hit-or-miss and has a touchdown strike to account for the Stanford score.

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