Maryland cheerleader steamrolled by West Virginia player (Video)


West Virginia is crushing Maryland today and even the Terps’ cheerleaders are taking some hits.

There hasn’t been many things to get excited about if you’re a fan of Maryland Terrapins football, but credit the team’s cheerleaders for doing their job and rallying the fans to get excited about a dismal on-field product.

West Virginia was the latest team to pile on the Terps today and stormed out to a 38-0 lead at halftime. After Shelton Gibson’s 41-yard touchdown catch where he apparently couldn’t hit the brakes in time after getting in the end zone, one Maryland cheerleader took a nasty hit and we can only hope she wasn’t shaken up too badly.


Injury to insult for Maryland on a day where nothing is going right. But this is further proof that Maryland cheerleaders are as tough as they come. You may not see a harder hit than this one during the second half of the game. But again, we sincerely hope the Maryland cheerleader who was just there doing her job will be completely okay and ready to rejoin her fellow cheerleaders for the rest of the game.

Thanks to Deadspin for the gif of this nasty looking collision. 

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