UNC benches Marquise Williams for Mitch Trubisky who shines in win


The staff at North Carolina and its fans might officially be moving on from their starting quarterback, Marquise Williams.

Bench, meet Marquise Williams…Marquise Williams, meet the bench.

North Carolina benched their starting quarterback for Mitch Trubisky and it could be the end of what looked like a promising tenure at the helm for the Tar Heels.

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I had Williams ranked in the top half of my Preseason ACC Quarterback Rankings so I was very high on his potential, even after the game against South Carolina. Which before this week, was South Carolina’s only victory.

This is breaking news that has taken me by surprise as backup quarterback, Trubisky, brings to the field all the same playing characteristics as Williams. But, as we well know, it goes beyond just what you can give on the field with talent and more about how your persona can affect and infect your teammates to gain the most prized possession in football, momentum.

Before exiting the game against the Blue Hens, Williams was only 6-of-12 passing for 65 yards but did score on the ground after rushing for 31 yards on just six carries. Again, most of his faults fell into the inability to get into rhythm with any of his teammates, especially his receivers and weapons out of the backfield.

With Williams at the helm, the Tar Heels led 13-6 going into half while continuing to sputter. As Trubisky entered the game at quarterback, he helped guide the Heels to five scores out of his first six possessions while outscoring Delaware 28-7 in the second half, a stark difference in production.

As the game concluded, North Carolina gained 568 yards of offense, with the majority coming with Trubisky at quarterback. He was 17-of-20 through the air with 312 yards passing and four touchdowns. Trubisky also contributed on the ground and gained 39 yards on six carries.

North Carolina has some pressing questions to be answered as they meet up with Georgia Tech next week, but I don’t foresee them searching for the answers in Williams as the leader.

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