Paul Finebaum rides into Fourth of July on a motorcycle (Video)


Paul Finebaum posted a vine of himself riding a motorcycle into the 4th of July holiday weekend.

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Football must be right around the corner because Paul Finebaum is making a spectacle of himself again. Finebaum posted a vine of himself leaving the SEC Network offices, donning a Tennessee helmet, and jumping on the back of a motorcycle… behind the driver of said motorcycle of course.

Don’t worry it gets worse, though, Finebaum titled his vine “Rolling into the 4th of July weekend like…” Paul Finebaum is hip with the slang like all the cool cat daddy o’ millennials y’all!

See the travesty unfold for yourself…

I’m not sure what annoys me the most about this, the Tennessee helmet, the “rolling” for the Tide fans, or the fact that Finebaum couldn’t drive a motorcycle three feet in a parking lot to pull off this vine? It’s probably that last one… If you can’t ride a motorcycle just use a Big Wheel or something.

I’ll be honest with you, I used to be a Finebaum apologist, I actually really liked the F-bomb, but this past year has soured me on Finebaum’s act. I was never a fan of Finebaum’s callers (if I want to see troglodytes I’ll go spelunking) ,but I enjoyed Finebaum and his attitude.

The last year on SEC Nation, however, Finebaum has turned into an absolute clown. It doesn’t matter if he’s riding a mechanical bull or attempting to do the Nene, it’s terrible.

There’s certainly a place for clowns in college football, Lee Corso has made one heck of a career as one, but you have to be likable to be the clown. Finebaum isn’t a Lee Corso, he’s not charming and he’s a bit of a jackass with his takes; this means Finebaum’s clown act comes off as more annoying than fun. It’s like if Danny Kanell suddenly started making good predictions, he would ruin his brand.

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So here we are on the July 4th weekend and Finebaum is already getting out his squirting flower and whoopee cushion. I can’t wait for college football, but I’d be ok missing the Finebaum clown show a while longer.