Big Ten Football: Week 8 Power Rankings

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After a shocking week in the Big Ten, Saturday Blitz presents a surprising set of Big Ten Power Rankings.

14. Rutgers

Week 8 result – 34-32 loss to Minnesota

Rutgers came so close to finally bouncing back from this disastrous stretch of losses. The Scarlet Knights had a small glimpse of success in 2016. That glimpse didn’t last long, and now this team is just waiting for the season to end.

It’s hard to call a season a bust when the expectations weren’t high to begin with. But this Rutgers team is just having an awful year. There’s no chance of this team making a bowl game, and from the looks of it, they’ll be lucky to win another game.

This program better hope it can pick up a few solid recruits, because this season is putting a damper on the future of the program.