Big Ten Football: Week 10 Power Rankings

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13. Michigan State

Week 10 result – 31-27 loss to Illinois

I don’t think there’s more you can say about Michigan State this season. Each loss comes as less and less of a shock. This team isn’t good enough to defeat any Big Ten team, and is just getting worse as the year goes on.

No one knows what happened to this Spartan team. It could be their inability to run the ball, or maybe the atrocious defense that came out of nowhere. Either way, there doesn’t seem to be any turnaround.

Michigan State is in for one of the worst years the program has seen in a long time. There aren’t many talented recruits headed their way this offseason, and notable returns are hard to name when the entire team played so poorly. Let’s just hope the Spartans can find a way because they’re missing out on one of the best Big Ten seasons in recent history.