Big Ten: Top Teams’ College Football Playoff Odds

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With five teams in the top 10 losing in Week 11, the College Football Playoff rankings will have their biggest shake up of 2016, and the Big Ten will take advantage of it.

With three teams ranked in the top 10 heading into Week 11, and only one of them falling, the Big Ten is working their way with multiple teams making an argument for the College Football Playoff. Everyone said it was going to take a lot for more than one Big Ten school to make the top four. Well, a lot definitely happened this weekend.

From Michigan to Penn State, each of the four top 10 Big Ten schools has a strong chance of earning their way into a playoff spot. For some, all it will take is to win out the rest of their 2016 season. For others, a loss to one or two top 10 teams will help their chances. That doesn’t mean they’ll need the help to see their name in the top four.

What the Big Ten has proven this year is that they are the powerhouse of college football once again. No other conference has stacked up to the Big Ten this season. All the evidence needed is the four teams within the top 10, and two hoping to be in the top four after Week 11.

If college football really wanted the best matchup in the College Football Playoff, they’d just put these top four Big Ten schools in. Unfortunately, that isn’t going to be the case. That’s okay, though, because the competition will be even heavier knowing none of these teams are safe.

With each of these teams, the College Football Playoff probability is different. So how is each team stacking up against the rest?