Big Ten Football: Week 11 Power Rankings

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After hands down the wildest week of football this season, the Big Ten landscape changed in a big way. Here are your Week 11 Big Ten power rankings presented by Saturday Blitz.

14. Rutgers

Week 11 result – 49-0 loss to Michigan State

If you thought Rutgers couldn’t get any worse, you definitely weren’t expecting this Week 11 blowout. A nearly 50-point shutout by Michigan State in a game that should’ve been much closer is nothing but embarrassing for Rutgers.

This team has given up. They’ve thrown in the towel and called it quits this season. As sad as it is for them, it’s good for Penn State, who faces the Scarlet Knights in Week 12. At this point, this team is nothing more than a guaranteed win for other teams.

In the most competitive conference in college football, Rutgers is really missing their chance to stir up some major wins. It isn’t necessarily about them making it to the College Football Playoff. If they could’ve scrapped together one or two big wins this season their recruiting would’ve been much easier in the offseason.