Big Ten Football: Week 11 Power Rankings

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13. Michigan State

Week 11 result – 49-0 win over Rutgers

Well, Michigan State finally silenced the haters. They are officially not the worst team in the Big Ten. Still, they’re just as big of a disappointment as any team in the NCAA this year. But they aren’t the worst.

These are just moral victories for the Spartans at this point in the season. With two games remaining, their biggest goal should be to end Penn State’s Big Ten Championship hopes in Week 14. The Spartans aren’t going to gain any momentum with these last games. For a team that simply had an awful year, they aren’t going to fall off or become irrelevant in the Big Ten.

All this team needed was a bad season. It happens to everyone and this season the College Football Gods chose Michigan State. After regrouping in the offseason, and changing their team around a little bit, the Spartans will be right back at the top with Ohio State, Michigan, Wisconsin, and PSU in the near future.