Penn State Football: 5 reasons Trace McSorley could win the 2017 Heisman Trophy

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Penn State football has an exhilarating signal caller in Trace McSorley. Paired with Saquon Barkley and the returning production, he’ll have a shot at the 2017 Heisman.

Penn State football made a gigantic leap from mediocre bowl participant to national title contender in just one season. Quarterback Trace McSorley’s play was one of the biggest, if not the biggest, reasons for the turnaround.

McSorley’s scrambling ability and big-play arm added a dynamic element to a previously stumbling offense. It became evident during the Nittany Lions’ 11-3 season that McSorley could ignite the offense at any moment. His swagger and drive to keep them in the game has a similar feel to past signal callers that won the award.

In his first season under center, he threw for 3,614 yards, 29 touchdowns against eight interceptions. He was also the team’s second-leading rusher with 365 yards and seven touchdowns. A major positive in McSorley’s corner was the offense’s rise under him in comparison to Christian Hackenberg.

In 2015, the offense was stagnant averaging just 348.4 yards per game and averaging 5.5 yards per play. With McSorley, the offense became diversified and efficient. They averaged 435.6 yards per game and 6.6 yards per play. The difference really came in his mobility. The Nittany Lions took less sacks and created plays out of the zone read.

I’m going to take a look at why the up-and-coming Penn State quarterback could shock the nation and contend for the 2017 Heisman Trophy. It won’t be an easy path, but McSorley has what it takes to be one of college football’s greats next season.

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