Josh Allen’s struggles reveal serious concerns, hurt NFL Draft stock

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1. Josh Allen is a turnover-prone quarterback

In the loss to Iowa, Josh Allen tossed two interceptions at Kinnick Stadium. Trying to force things as Wyoming futilely sought a fourth-quarter comeback, Allen forced balls right to defenders. The second pick, coming with less than five minutes left, was a direct strike to Brady Reiff under pressure.

Last year against Nebraska, Allen threw five picks to the Cornhuskers. And just like against the Hawkeyes, it wasn’t as though he was the victim of bad luck. The interceptions were the direct result of Allen’s decision-making process. Just look at this throw, as he puts the ball behind his receiver and right into the arms of the Huskers defender:

Because he has such a big arm, Allen is prone to trying to force balls into tight windows. His bold gunslinging style helped the Cowboys win eight games and a division title last year. But it also was partly to blame in losses such as their triple-overtime defeat against UNLV. They also lost to rival BYU in the Poinsettia Bowl thanks to another Allen pick:

In the end, Josh Allen might be too brash in and out of the pocket to suit the needs of staid NFL teams. But that is hardly the only reason he might be overhyped.