Notre Dame Football: Is Brian Kelly’s arrogance out of control?

Notre Dame football coach Brian Kelly is receiving more criticism for his open arrogance following his team’s loss to Georgia.

How much more can Notre Dame take of its arrogant head coach? OK, so maybe Brian Kelly had a reason to be upset following a tough one-point loss to Georgia in South Bend, but his backlash against the media was uncalled for.

What do I mean by this? In case you missed his postgame presser, he had an interesting interaction with a reporter.

The reporter was in the middle of asking him a question about how this year’s team was different from last year’s and he interrupted. What he had to say opened some eyes and, well, let’s just say it wasn’t the best look for a coach who was already on the hot seat.

Kelly was being led up to a question by a short explanation of the reason behind the inquiry when he abruptly asked her what the question was. He didn’t feel like waiting around a couple extra seconds to hear what she had to say, rather interrupting and giving a snarky response.

Is this type of thing wearing on the athletic department and the fan base as a whole? I get that he’s been given another chance by the athletic department this year, but this has to be a black eye for the head coach.

This arrogance is what got him into trouble a couple of times last year and following tough losses, coaches are paid to be profession. This was not professional.