Best ESPN College GameDay signs Week 11: Notre Dame vs. Miami

(Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
(Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images) /

College GameDay is in Coral Gables for Notre Dame vs. Miami. Let’s see how the Hurricanes’ fanbase did with their College GameDay signs.

Miami is a different kind of school for College GameDay. It is not in a stereotypical college town like Stillwater. Miami, the metro area, is a diverse city with plenty of things to care about other than college football. Miami, the school, is relatively small. However, the city rallies behind “The U” when they are rolling, and this would certainly qualify. The only thing to worry about is if they had time to go home to get their College GameDay signs after they left Coconut Grove.

This is College GameDay’s first time back in Miami since 2006 and their first time ever broadcasting from the actual campus in Coral Gables. The last time the Hurricanes hosted GameDay the Orange Bowl was still standing. In that matchup, Florida State won 13-10.  Miami has hosted GameDay seven times in total.

Notre Dame may have more fans at an away GameDay than most. Notre Dame is a national team. This third-ranked Notre Dame team is the best since at least 2012. They are playing in a historic rivalry with tons of nostalgia. Plus, a trip to Miami from South Bend or the Notre Dame alumni capital, Chicago, in November is a pretty great decision. This is Notre Dame’s 28th time on College GameDay.

The “Turnover Chain” has become such a phenomenon you might get sick of it by the end of today. The chain has played a prominent role in every broadcast so far this season. Sideline reporters and cameras follow the chain around like they are paparazzi. Fans have created their own versions to the point where it’s hard to find a crowd shot without one during a Miami home game. Even today’s celebrity guest picker, Alex Rodriguez, rocked one last week. If it’s possible for something so fun and different to get annoying, ESPN will test it today.

Here are some of the best signs of the week:

Not technically a College GameDay sign, but c’mon.

“Richt and Manny”

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