College Football Top 25 projections after 2018 spring practices

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The reintroduction of Chip Kelly to the college football sidelines is going to open the eyes of some pollsters. Will it be enough to push UCLA into the preseason AP Top 25? After the way the spring game went, the questions are even greater than ever. Even with the uncertainty in Los Angeles, though, there is enough swirl around the Bruins that they could jump up from among those also receiving votes.

Injuries and the absence of new recruits forced the Bruins to truncate their spring game plans. Many of their top players remained on the sidelines, and the two teams were forced to run a limited number of plays. If nothing else, though, a veteran backfield looks ready to benefit from a new offensive philosophy.

UCLA didn’t tip its hat during the spring game. Subterfuge, after all, is a Chip Kelly trademark. The pace looked nothing like a traditional Kelly offense, though Jamabo busted off a long gain and the offensive line showed improvement. Once fall rolls around, the hype will probably climb enough for UCLA to reach the Top 25.