AAC Football: Ranking the best uniforms in the conference

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UConn Huskies

UConn Huskies
UConn Huskies /

Scouting Report

Look, there’s nothing inherently wrong with UConn’s uniforms. They aren’t offensive to the eye. I’m not viscerally disturbed when I gaze upon them. They’re just so… basic.

Basic doesn’t have to be a bad thing! Plenty of college football programs pull off basic uniforms very nicely. Most of these programs also have decades of tradition in wearing these uniforms. UConn does not, and as such it’s not necessarily a good thing that their 2018  jerseys look suspiciously like their old 2011-era Big East jerseys with a bit of red trim added.

Their home unis are nearly all blue. Their away unis are nearly all white. The Huskies do have an alternate gray get-up, and as you may have guessed, it is nearly all gray. They do get points for their adorable husky logo, but it’s not enough to move the needle here.

Basic, unexciting, and desperately hoping to return to the 2000s? I thought we were talking about UConn’s uniforms, not their football program!

I’m here all week.