College Football 2019: 5 teams that will be on upset alert in Week 7

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There are some big games here in Week 7. They’re Gators in the Bayou and Longhorns and Sooners by the Red River. Are any of these teams in danger of being upset?

This week in teams on upset alert, the role of Shane Lunnen will be played by Dante Pryor, Sr. They’re large shoes to fill, but I will do my best to do justice to this weekly staple of Saturday Blitz.

Upsets are hard. There needs to be an alignment of several things in order for an upset to happen. Styles make fights; the underdog needs to be a match up nightmare for the favorite — like any team that plays the Army.

Home dogs are always a good play when their home field means something. Usually the favorite doesn’t play well, and the underdog gets the performance for the ages from a key player on their team. When you pick upsets, you have to keep all of this in mind.

Last week, Shane was pretty good with his week six upsets, going 3-2. He absolutely nailed the ‘Pokes going to Lubbock and laying an egg. I’ll have that over-easy, please. The Bearcats made Dillon Gabriel look like a freshman; crazy what a good pass rush will do. Speaking of freshmen, Bo Nix looked liked a scared freshman running for his life against the Florida Gators pass rush last week.

So, with all due respect — and maybe an apology or two for Shane and the baby — here are your teams on upset alert for Week 7:

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